Is a Judas announcement waiting for the PlayStation Neo event?

It’s a bit unclear what Rockstar is planning. One thing is certain; it’s taking forever for their next game announcement.

In early September Sony is having some PlayStation event at which time, people are expecting to see the Neo announcement. This console is essentially an update to the existing PS4 console. As bizarre as that is, the question remains about the next big game.

Our prediction is that since Rockstar has waited so long to make an announcement, we believe that they are going to make a splash with this new PlayStation console. I don’t see Rockstar releasing a game that wouldn’t take full advantage of the new PS console and the new Xbox console.

So more than anything, it seems logical that Rockstar is simply waiting on this new Sony event before coming out with their big news. September announcement with a Spring 2017 release date would make sense. That gives plenty of time for hype, marketing and tweaks for the new power on these new Sony and Microsoft consoles.

Based on Take-Two investors call 2017 will be the release date

The next big game will be in 2017 from Take-Two and Rockstar. Their earnings projections say as much. Nothing big in 2016 which makes sense. By Summer 2016 there is no way a Fall 2016 release makes any sense whatsoever. A year of hype is certainly adequate.

If you want to talk specifics about when in 2017? Spring makes sense, as does summer 2017.

Rockstar officially announces GTA Online updates – Last big push?

We have been talking about indicators of an upcoming game announcement from Rockstar. E3 2016 is not far off. We know how they like to do business. They don’t encroach on their existing revenue generators. Period.

There was speculation about a big GTA Online update and now we’ve heard of it from Rockstar themselves. We like to wonder if this is the last big push. It’s the big news for Rockstar regarding their amazing and incredible Grand Theft Auto 5 era. It’s was astronomical in terms of success. We wonder though, with this GTA Online announcement, are Rockstar taking a deep breath before ramping things up again for a new game.

If you think about it, if Judas is next up, that announcement will drown out this GTA Online content pledge by Rockstar. It just takes one leak, one slip up regarding the E3 show and the talk will certainly shift from GTA Online.


Theory: Big GTA Online update coming. Clearing the way for the new game announcement?

There is some pretty interesting news regarding GTA Online and a new update that appears to be coming soon. It’s only a theory, but one YouTuber is suggesting that a May 10 update to GTA Online is possible.

We care about Judas so why do we care about GTA Online and updates to that game franchise?

It’s pretty simple really. Rockstar does not encroach on their existing games. Since GTA Online has been going very well in terms of users and interest, it’s that success which would push back any new game announcements and release dates.

So if true there is a big updates coming to GTA Online in the next week, it does give ample time prior to a big E3 announcement. This update, if big enough, could be a final salute to the Grand Theft Auto 5 and GTA Online franchise. A farewell of sorts, so don’t misunderstand that comment. What we’re saying is that a big update could at least open up the door to let a new game take over the headlines for Rockstar. Afterall, once a new game in announced, they will be going “all in”.

Check this video which provides some pretty solid details on how previous GTA Online updates came about and why this YouTuber feels a big update is coming very soon.